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kenny again? after like 20 years


so, I moved down to NC, I passed my certifacation and got a remote job working as a medical coder ( I have 2 jobs actually, but keep that under your hat) I got rid of Vargas because he was just useless and worthless. so, now im kinda in like-love with kenny strife again. I lightly put it out there that I liked him then nothing then I was like, fuck it im a 38 year old gangsta, just tell him and I did and he doesn't feel the same . which is kind of a relief. So, now I get to still sleep with him but still go on the look out for the next future ex-bf hahaha I've been feeling kinda upset about that, and the fact that im not on vacation with mom and can in Puerto Rico because of that week I took off for because I had to take care of some shit from that fight I had in June. so glad that I fucked that bitch up, for real. but now they don't send me any pictures and just send dad pics, like wtf?!?! and the ONLY thing that my sister sent me was a text asking to give her an update on her bill and shit that she got from the doctors office. that fucken pissed me the fuck off police you'll send me that wack ass shit and think im your fucken secretary but you can't send me pics from vacation, I've been left behind all the time and I've gotten used to it, so it don't bother me as much as it used to. but you can't send me pics?! fuck all y'all . im glad that I don't call. and im super touched that dad has been sending me pics from them, but I don't want to know about it anymore like it left a bad taste in my mouth but Linda says that thats's there co-dependent relationship so, they can kiss my ass. with THATG this. but writing it out makes me feel better tho. so, im just working on my second job having a beer and after im gonna lay in my hammock and chill. im strong as fuck and im nothing if a warrior and I will warrior on!

8:07 p.m. - August 08, 2023


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