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my anxiety was uncontrollable and my psychiatrist and therapist thought that it was not good for me to have an added medicine to manage it so my therapist suggested that I work out every day twice a day to manage it. I was a little reluctant at first, but now, 7 weeks in, I feel great! I ride my sister's peloton for 15/ 20 mintues and then at night when I come back from work I workout with weights. I can't start my day without exercising now. its great. I weight a little more now cuz muscles weighs more than fat, but my clothes fit a little better and my stomach has gotten smaller which that's all I ever wanted to be honest. lol

I graduated from my medical coding class and I took my test yesterday (ON BATMAN DAY!) and it took my 5 hours and 30 minutes. I had 30 minutes to spare lol I was kinda cutting it close tho lol . but this morning in the early hours I woke up and was finally having hope to move up in the world. I am already a medical biller by trade. so to add this to my resume, a medical coder, I will make so much money its not even funny. PLUS! if I want I could work remotely! which I don't know if I want to do but as a second job I would. I wanna go back to school and work in the emergency department as a coder. they make BANK!

I got some cool friends over twitch that I see on the computer a couple of times a week. and its so awesome. they're awesome people.

me and Vanessa stopped being friends because she kept saying the 'N' work ( and no, she's asian) around me and when I asked her to stop, she said that she couldn't because it's part of who she is BITCH WHAT?! just cuz you suck black dick and have a black boyfriend, that doesn't mean that ur black. and I TOLD HER that. I ALSO told her that this is why she can't cultivate friendships because u think it's about you. fuck her. I told my boss and she moved ME out of my office where I was hidden from everybody and put in the front like a lab rat. ugh whatever, I won't bother that long anyway.

SO, my sister is going to be a federal officer and is relocating to Vermont and she'll be there for 3 years after 2 weeks in Vermont then 6 months in Georgia than back to Vermont. im gonna miss her so much but im also happy , very happy for her. I also want a little peace away from her. she's too pushy and shit and im so happy that she going. I get the room to myself and shit. but I will have to pick up the chores and shit. which really doesn't bother me, I've been doing it for 7 years when I worked at Starbucks. cooking before work, cleaning before work doing house chores, and even doing outside house work. idk why people forget that I did that and just say, 'Yoursister does your chores and does this and that' like come on. its super annoying. whatever ill do it

1:13 p.m. - September 19, 2021


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